Multidisciplinary Artist,
Content Creator

‘best of



‘best of both worlds'

‘Being bicultural is the best thing
to have happened to me .’

photo: Maarten Nauw

Ahmed Emin Batman is a multidisciplinary artist, content creator, and aspiring architect based in Amsterdam. His diverse body of work encompasses photography, film, and calligraphy, exploring themes such as spirituality, migration, architecture, and interculturality.

A graduate of TU Delft, Batman has worked for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and is currently a Beeldbreker and content creator for the van Gogh Museum. His latest projects include In Between Tompouce and Baklava, a documentation of the stories of first-generation Turkish migrant workers in Europe. Additionally, he is working on a documentary titled Do You Hear Our Voices that he filmed during his volunteer work in the Earthquake Zone in Türkiye.

Batman’s passion lies in inspiring and connecting people from diverse cultures through his artistic and architectural creations.


Memento Diem by Ahmed Emin Batman is a series of 3 works combined in one video installation, symbolically carrying a duration of 04:17 each. This specific time represents the moment when the earthquake struck, that explores people their own position on the spectrum of Carpe Diem en Memento Mori, there is no wrong answer according to the artist, navigating the balance between embracing the present moment and acknowledging the inevitability of death. Through a visual narrative, it takes viewers on an emotional journey that delves into the depths of a father’s unwavering determination to find his son amidst the wreckage of a devastating earthquake.



Emin Batman has achieved a remarkable feat by winning first place twice in the inaugural Turkish Diaspora Media Awards. His online content and photography series, "In Between Tompouce and Baklava," were both awarded first place in the New Media and Photography categories. Emın Batman's captivating online content and his ability to capture cultural diversity through his lens have garnered him well-deserved recognition in these prestigious categories.